How to find locations for filming

How to find locations for filming?How to look for locations for filmingHow to search locations for filming for freeHow to choose a good location?What should be done if there is no way to find a location for filming?Pavilions for shooting in the city

If you want to shoot a video, film or clip, it is important to divide the entire production process into stages and strictly adhere to the time frame. Before the stage of searching for options for location of filming, you should have a ready-made script, select actors, rent (or buy) the necessary equipment, agree on cooperation with certain specialists (if they are not on your team), so that during shooting the light, camera and recording devices and props were set correctly and on time, because time is the most valuable resource during filming.

How to find locations for filming?

First, let's look at several types of locations:

  • Professional. As a rule, these are studios and pavilions for shooting. Everything is there for comfortable work: light, high ceilings, sockets, places for relaxation and a snack. The downside of this type of location for video shooting: it was already filmed before you and this room showed up in many video works.
  • Filming in nature. There is one big plus: as a rule, shooting in public places is free. If you decide to shoot on the street you need to prepare: places for applying makeup, eating food, connecting electrical appliances, changing clothes and resting actors and more.
  • Locations where you can rent by prior arrangement. For example, institutes, museums, theaters, private homes and more. Such locations for video shooting are usually poorly prepared for installing professional equipment, but they are more unique than, say, pavilions.

How to look for locations for filming?

If the budget allows, you can contact specialized agencies, location managers. As a rule, they have already prepared a couple of options for free places and they will be happy to discuss with the owners of the location important conditions for you.

If you need to search for locations for filming and filming yourself, we recommend you to be patient. Keep in mind that in most good studios, recording is scheduled months in advance, and this pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, get ready for a couple of days to ring up studios or public places with a suitable environment in order to agree on a shoot.

For example, locations for filming advertisements, most often, this is an ordinary apartment, which is rented for several days. It is important to negotiate with the owner of the apartment the entire filming process in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

How to search locations for filming for free?

In this case, you should be resourceful. Most likely, you will have to be content with forests, fields, parks and squares. It is possible that some of the material should be removed in the apartment of acquaintances, some in the courtyard, and the rest in an abandoned building. The main thing is to show more creativity, look at everything positively, and then the shooting results will definitely please you!

How to choose a good location?

A good location is a loose and purely individual concept. Based on your own needs and capabilities. For example, if 20 people are involved in the shooting, you should not rent a small room in the studio. In this case, the building of the former factory is better for you - high ceilings and a lot of space.

Do not go beyond the budget — look for locations that you can afford, discuss the cost in advance.

Do not forget to sign a lease for the location, so you protect yourself and the filming process from unwanted conflicts and disruptions/transfers of the lease date and time, and time is money, in case of serious video filming, — a lot of money.

What should be done if there is no way to find a location for filming?

In this case, you should contact the agencies for the selection of locations. As a rule, professionals work there who can literally do the impossible — and find even the most unique locations. You will be offered a couple of options to choose from. We recommend taking a trip and looking at the rooms live, and not choosing from a photo.

Pavilions for shooting in the city

How to find a location for filming in the city? Choose a pavilion! This is the perfect place to shoot a video. After all, the pavilion is already equipped with all the necessary basic equipment for any type of shooting.

For example, LANET PRODUCTION shooting pavilion:

  • has an area of more than 57 m² and four unique locations — a zone for filming a blog, a classic and creative photo zone and a place for filming an interview;
  • you can rent additional equipment;
  • this is an ideal location for shooting advertisements, because you have access to several universal studio backgrounds;
  • there is a restroom and wardrobe;
  • affordable cost of rent;
  • online booking;
  • the studio has an administrator who is ready to provide any help.

LANET PRODUCTION studio is most often rented as a location for filming interviews, advertisements, video reviews, video blogs and YouTube shows. The studio also offers turn-key work: we take care of all the stages of video production turn-key work — from pre-production to post-production. You can find our extensive experience on the website in the “Portfolio” section. Also, the specialists of the video production studio will help you organize the on-site filming process, or shoot the video you need in other locations.

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