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*Text for voice-over

It is the text that will be voiced by the announcer. In [square brackets] you can indicate comments to the text that will not be voiced by the announcer and will not be taken into account when calculating the cost.


Indicate the style of voice-over (fun, energetic, gentle, etc.) Director's wishes. Stressed syllables in all words in which it is important not to make a mistake. Emotional accents, pauses. Attach a link to the video (when making voice-over of the video).

Do you need sound engineering?

Select if you need post-processing of the recorded voice. Do not choose if you do post-processing by yourself.

Advertising content

Select in case if the voice-over will be used for advertising purposes. Do not choose if you are doing educational, informational, social, blogging, or any other content whose purpose is not direct or indirect sales. The cost of voice-over for advertising content may be higher.

By placing an order, you agree to the rules of the announcers base.



Rules and answers to questions

500 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

600 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

500 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

600 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

2000 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

700 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

400 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

800 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.

4300 UAH/min

This is the base cost for voice-over up to 1 minute.
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Frequently Answered Questions

🎡What is included in the price of the announcer's voice-over?

On this page the basic prices of announcers for voice-overs for a text up to 1 minute are presented. With a longer duration of voice-over, the price increases. Sound engineering is not included in the base price. If you need professional processing of the voice of the announcer and/or the presence of musical accompaniment and/or sound design, the cost is calculated by the administrator of the audio studio.

🎧How do I get a discount on the voice-over?

The longer the timing of the spoken text is, the cheaper the cost of each minute of voice-over. The calculation of the final price of the voice-over is made by the studio administrator after the agreement with the selected voice-over artist.

🎼What does the client provide before voice-over?

  • approved text for voice-over;
  • wishes and examples of announcer's voice-over;
  • transliteration and accent in specific words;
  • musical accompaniment, videos and any other source materials that can help the announcer in the voice-over process.

πŸ”ŠIf there is a mistake in the voice-over or the client wants to make changes, what should I do?

Before the announcer begins to work, the client and the administrator approve the technical requirement and the text for voice-over. If the client wants to make changes on his own initiative, then the cost of the changes is calculated by the administrator of the announcers' base. If a mistake was made in the voice-over by the announcer or the studio, we will correct it at our expense.

🎢How to get into bank of voices? (for announcers)

Fill out the google form and your voice will appear in the LANET PRODUCTION announcers base.

Announcers base

LANET PRODUCTION is a full-cycle video production studio that provides a wide range of services, including professional narration. Customers have access to a database of announcers with extensive professional experience, with whom cooperation is guaranteed to ensure a quality result.

The base of speakers for sound combines a large number of different voices. In LANET PRODUCTION you will find not only Russian and Ukrainian but also English announcers thus you will be able to satisfy various needs. The bank of votes is regularly updated and supplemented with new options, so everyone will find the speaker who is best suited for the project. Even if you have not found the voice you need among the speakers represented in the bank, you can contact the studio with a personal request. The team will make a personal selection of vote options according to your request.

If you decide to record a speaker in the LANET PRODUCTION studio, you are guaranteed to get a quality result. At each stage, on projects works a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists. LANET PRODUCTION provides effective interaction between the customer and other participants in the workflow, which allows you to achieve the desired result quickly and easily.

If you don't want to waste time searching for the ideal option among the candidates in the narrator voices base, you can ask for a free consultation at LANET PRODUCTION. The experts of the studio will help with the selection of an announcer for your video, based on the following wishes:

  • directorial and client requirements and notes;
  • project concept;
  • budget to solve the task;
  • the duration of the video and the timing of the task.

It is important to understand that often the success of the whole work directly depends on the successful selection of the speaker. That is why it is necessary to select the actors of the voice acting carefully. It is worth paying attention not only to the professionalism and experience of the candidate but also to take into account the specifics of the advertised service or product.

LANET PRODUCTION studio offers not only one of the best announcer banks ​in Kyiv and Ukraine but also sound directors services β€” specialists who deal with the post-processing of audio. The studio regularly expands and updates the announcer base. It allows each customer to offer the best option to suit their needs.

In the announcer base of LANET PRODUCTION, you will find the perfect male and female announcer voices of all ages for every taste and budget. If you want to order voice acting for audio or video in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, contact LANET PRODUCTION studio.

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