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We are often approached by customers who need help in performing a particular stage of video production.

For example, some brands order the development of the concept of a future commercial. This is a creative work that involves the study of the subject and the viewer.

Our directors formulate 3-4 conceptual ideas, one of which takes the form of a screenplay. The screenplay is not just a textual description of the plot of the future video, these are the style and the rhythm of editing, audio sequence, the types of the characters, locations and the work plan of the film crew spelled out in details. Having on hands the screenplay, the customer can choose the executor for each subsequent stage of the production of the video, including - continue working with our team!

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 What is the essence of pre-production?

At this stage, it is necessary to determine the key tasks, the main goals and requirements of the project. Form an idea for a video and compose a directorial script.

πŸŽ₯ What is the main task of pre-production?

Developing several versions of the concepts of the video and writing the script.

πŸ“· How much does video production cost?

The cost of video production for each project is discussed with customers individually. The price depends on many factors, such as timing, type of video, script availability, type and amount of work to be performed, and others.


Studio LANET PRODUCTION in Kyiv carries out professional full-cycle video production. Pre-production is the very first, preparatory and most important stage before the start of the video shooting process. At this stage, it is necessary to determine the key tasks, the main goals and requirements of the project; hear from the customer his ideas and expectations from the finished video; come up with several creative concepts and use the focus group to choose the best one; write a detailed director's script; calculate the project budget; make a shooting plan. The pre-production process from LANET PRODUCTION specialists includes the following stages of preparation for the shooting process:

  • Development of several versions of the concepts of the commercial and approval of the most successful video concept.
  • Writing and approving the director’s script of the commercial which will most accurately embody the conceptual idea of your project and will become the basis for further production.
  • Making a list of characters; detailed characterization. Creation and approval of preliminary storyboards and animatics for the future video. This is necessary in order to get the most complete visualization of the final result. A well-designed storyboard is a thoughtful sequence of drawings that are a plot sketch depicting the main characters and the scene of your story. Such methods of project visualization will help the crew and the customer speak the same language and make sure of mutual understanding and the same presentation of the final video product. An animatic is the same storyboard but in an animated format and with draft sound engineering.
  • Drawing up and approval of the budget of the video. The stage at which financial details are negotiated.
  • Search for actors who perfectly convey character types; casting.
  • Search and selection of locations that are most suitable for the director's script.
  • Scheduling and filming plans.
  • Writing copyright music by our sound engineer if it is necessary for the concept of video.
  • Conducting pre-production meeting – meetings with the customer to discuss and approve key points of the project. At this meeting representatives of the production team and the customer specify all the details of the future video. The last such meeting completes the pre-production phase and the team can proceed to the next stage of video production – filming.

If you need a professional and high-quality video you should start with a solid foundation – pre-production. Our team LANET PRODUCTION will conduct thorough work at the first stage of video production – from the generation of creative ideas to the compilation of a thoughtful director's script.

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