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Color correction

If you are interested in color correction of a clip or movie — you have applied to the address. LANET PRODUCTION studio offers several price options for color correction, from which you can choose the most suitable for your project.

40 $/min*

Basic color correction
  • Basic color correction from frame to frame will add visual consistency to your project;
  • A suitable option for interviews, corporate videos, documentaries and other projects in which you need to show a "picture of the real world."

75 $/min*

Artistic color correction
  • Basic color correction;
  • Generation of several color solutions of the project at the customer`s choice;
  • Toning/grading video. Artistic work on painting scenes;
  • Work in connection with the director/cameraman;
  • Excellent choice for music videos, image/commercials or feature films.

150 $/min*

Artistic correction and retouching
  • Basic color correction;
  • Generation of several color solutions of the project;
  • Toning/grading video;
  • Work in connection with the director/cameraman;
  • Cleanup/beauty retouching (processing of portrait plans for wrinkles, spots, skin defects);
  • Digital retouching (background cleaning, inanimate objects);
  • VFX (overlays, glare, video styling);
  • Excellent choice for music videos, image/commercials or feature films.

*For duration >5 minutes, a discount is possible. If it is work on a full-length film, a discount up to 50%. A small discount is also possible if your footages shot on the one camera model, and professional standards have met during the shooting (the frames has a ColorChecker, correct exposure settings, low noise, etc).

Work examples

What is color correction for video?

To put it simply — it is an opportunity to set the desired tone of the image along the way to correct flaws and errors.

Shooting often takes place in different lighting conditions or using multiple cameras that interpret color and contrast a little differently. The correction process is one of the last stages of post-production, but not the last in importance. During the toning of the picture and the imposition of visual effects, the video gets its unique style, which subtly emphasizes everything that the author seeks to focus the viewer's attention. Moreover, color correction in the film has its characteristics, because it is the color decisions will depend on the final result, and hence the success of the picture.

What is color correction for?

Color has a strong emotional impact on the viewer. Its perception depends on the palette of the frame. Technically, the correction process begins before shooting. And the accent color schemes are selected and developed by the director and cameraman in collaboration with the art department.

But it often happens that there is no way to achieve any artistic decisions during the shooting. In such cases, this work is placed on the shoulders of a color specialist, for example, transforming an evening into a full night or turning a bright green spring garden into a colorful golden autumn.

In this way, the video series reaches a new color level, because it is possible to eliminate the vagueness of main scenes, which reveal the plot as much as possible, and everything secondary and background is smoothed and processed so that it does not draw attention to itself.

When is color correction needed?

When is color correction needed? Whenever you want to get not just a video, but a whole harmonious work of art with immersion in the plot and the effect of presence.

Our professional color corrector in Kyiv can offer you the following types of correction: basic, artistic, and comprehensive service, which includes art correction and retouching. Artistic correction includes grading. Grading in a video clip (or just toning) is a repainting of colors to emphasize certain moments, shifting accents, set priorities. To change day for night, spring for autumn, to repaint it is possible all, one restriction — your imagination.

The most advanced and time-consuming color grading includes basic and art edits, as well as retouching . Retouching is an extremely meticulous work on the frame to bring the picture to the ideal. It includes cleaning the background from unnecessary elements, and eliminating imperfections with large portrait plans, and adding all kinds of artistic effects (overlays, glare, video styling). The result is more beautiful than in real life.

In the studio of the full cycle LANET PRODUCTION, you can order color correction and grading services both separately and in combination with other stages of video production. Our technical base includes all the necessary tools for working with color in any format: from the traditional standard of 10-bit DPX to 16-bit Open EXR, and our experts will always suggest a color solution for your videos, whether bright, colorful music video or documentary.

We will find the best creative solution for your video, thanks to which it will play with new colors. If you are interested in video color correction in Kyiv or other cities — contact us, we will be happy to work on your project and will please you with the result.

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Frequently Answered Questions

📷 Where to order color correction?

Videoproduction studio LANET PRODUCTION has all the necessary tools for working with color in any format and will provide you with quality color correction.

🎬 What is video color correction?

Video color correction is an opportunity to set a certain tone to the picture, to correct shortcomings and errors.

🎥 How much does video color correction cost?

The cost of basic color correction is from 1000 UAH per minute.

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