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In cases when the customer has his own footage and clear vision (preferably, screenplay) of the final video, our team is ready to do professionally the last stage of video production - post production.

This stage includes editing and other works, depending on the type of video.

In most cases - color correction of the video, color grading, visual effects (CGI/VFX), infographics (motion design), sound design, voice overs and dubbing.And the final point of the production of any film or video is the render in all necessary formats.

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What is post-production?

Post-production is the last step in the photo/video production process. By this time the entire shooting of content has been completed, which remains to be put together into an amazing picture. Consider the 5 key stages of studio post-production.

Draft video editing

After shooting video and audio materials are subjected to computer processing which forms a draft version of the work. Frames are viewed, classified, the best are selected, cut and glued together with a predetermined timing of the movie. When editing video the following software is used: AVID, Adobe Premiere Pro, AVS Video Editor.

Sound processing

It is carried out with the help of software for editing video or mixing sound and creating sound effects. Various audio elements of a video may consist of:

  • dialogs when talking to the camera;
  • recording sounds (doorbell, birdsong, dog barking);
  • music on the background of what is happening on the screen;
  • voice overs.
Voice acting is recorded separately, since for a clear sound you will need a soundproofed place, sound design.

Visual effects, compositing, animation

Visual effects is a term used to describe any images created, modified or enhanced for a movie that can not be taken during real-time shooting. The most common video visualization is animation. It is carried out by means of CGI modeling.

Compositing is a combination of visual elements from separate sources into a single image, creating the illusion that all these elements are parts of the same scene.

Examples of what you can do with compositing:

  • remove unwanted reflections and "random" things (lighting, equipment), often falling into the frame.
  • add what was not (snow, rain, smoke, fog, flashing lights).

For compositing could be used special software: Adobe After Effects. Animators and designers use it to create moving graphics, visual film effects and post-production.


In computer graphics rendering refers to actions that indicate the process of acquiring an image from a model using a computer program. In post-production video, this usually means the way in which various clips are combined, transitions are added, additional post-processing of the video takes place to create the final video.

Color correction and color grading

In everyday life, these terms are often used interchangeably. In the professional field of post-production, these concepts distinguish.

Color correction is a technical process that eliminates problems with color + making frames as natural as possible. The main idea: to make the tones look clean and real as human eyes will see it.

Color grading is also a technical process but it is more a creative task. Color grading adds atmosphere and emotion to the video.

For color correction, mixing, non-linear video editing for MacOS, Windows and Linux DaVinci Resolve is suitable. It helps to increase the "professionalism" of the captured video. DaVinci Resolve program was used for color editing the feature films Alien, Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

If you need post-production in Kiev you can safely contact our specialists. They will help to make your video product as bright as possible in terms of sound and visual component.