Lookbook Shooting

The lookbook photosession β€” is a series of photos that represents original looks of designer clothing, shoes and accessories. At the same time, the purpose of a lookbook-style photo shoot is not just a demonstration of clothes and goods offered to potential consumers. It's a kind of picture book that allows you to show buyers how things can look in combination with other things and accessories in a holistic style.

from 200 $


from 400 $

  • shooting up to 5 hours;
  • up to 10 looks;
  • photographer;
  • make up artist;
  • photo studio rental;
  • professional equipment;
  • from 400 photos in color;
  • 30 retouched photos.

from 600 $

  • shooting up to 8 hours;
  • 15 looks;
  • photographer;
  • make up artist;
  • photo studio rental;
  • professional equipment;
  • from 600 photos in color;
  • 40 retouched photos;
  • bonus: Instagram video up to 1 min.

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A lookbook is a shooting of main things from one collection that represents a particular style of the brand. A lookbook style photoshoot helps to boost brand sales with thoughtful combinations created by stylists.

A lookbook photosession is distinguished by the presence of a single style that unites all taken shots. Also, the main features of clothes image shooting include the presence of a creative idea and a non-standard approach, focusing on details that are valuable to the buyer, as well as the importance of choosing the right models to match the age category and convey the mood of the collection.

Where can a lookbook be used:

  • in printed materials: for the design of a shopping center and other retail premises, the production of printed beech;
  • for online advertising in the press, magazines, social networks, the production of advertising banners for websites' placements;
  • in email newsletter with notifications about the new collection, as well as congratulations from the customers;
  • video content format that can be broadcasted online or on TV, as well as advertising in the shopping centers or decorating a retail space;
  • for the design of brand pages in social networks and its online store.

The more attractive and understandable for potential customers the finished photos are, the higher the likelihood of their publication in magazines, as well as the purchase of the items shown by both buyers and customers.

Why is a lookbook shooted

Main tasks of a lookbook shooting:

  • presentation of the key images of the collection that encourage the target consumer to purchase;
  • providing additional sales (purchase by the client of the full look shown in the photo), which will help to increase the financial performances of the brand;
  • the whole look demonstration. It will help the consumer to combine clothes and choose a style for a particular event or daily;
  • demonstration of only key models without informational overload;
  • achieving a balance between the images of the models and the general mood of the collection;
  • showing of important points.

What is the difference between a lookbook and a catalog

A catalog is a shooting of all clothing items, shoes and accessories of a certain brand collection, which is made in the same style and shooted for a subsequent sale. Unlike a catalog shooting, a women's or men's lookbook represents the key looks of this collection. Therefore, in order to make lookbook photos of high quality and eye-catching, it is extremely important not only to show favorable angles and details, but to convey the general mood and style as well. While preparing for shooting, it should be taken into account that if a campaign for the collection has already been shot, then the style and the mood of a lookbook should coincide with it, forming a single image of the collection.

How much does lookbook shooting cost

You can get acquainted with the cost of a lookbook photoshoot in Kyiv on this page. LANET PRODUCTION studio offers for a choice of customers several packages that include a number of services. The price of a photosession directly depends on the needed photo session length and how many finished photos you want to get as a result of shooting a lookbook. Depending on your requirements and individual preferences, you can choose the appropriate package of services and order a lookbook photosession that fully meets all your expectations.

How do we work with a client

The process of creating a high-quality and eye-catching lookbook photos is a rather laborious and complex process, consisting of several main stages:

  • receipt of a request from a client;
  • acquaintance of the photographer with the client's request;
  • conducting a meeting or phone call with the client to clarify the details of the project and exchange ideas: what the client likes, what style, possibly the presence of certain brands as an example of a lookbook;
  • studying of the brand and features of its visual range (website, social networks);
  • references’ preparation;
  • approval of the concept of image shooting;
  • preparation for shooting: approval of the date and time, search for models if necessary, preparation of props;
  • photo shooting (duration depends on the number of looks and the desired number of photos);
  • color correction;
  • selection of photos for retouching by the client;
  • retouch.

To order the selected shooting package, you can leave your request on the website, or contact the studio specialist via a contact phone number or email.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 Why should you shoot a lookbook for your brand?

The lookbook is shot in order to present the collection to an audience, to show how it looks on the model and how each model can be combined with each presented item, to demonstrate the diversity of the color palette. During the lookbook shoot, all facets of the product are revealed.Lookbook helps demonstrate all the benefits and increase public interest in your product.

πŸŽ₯ How is the shooting of Lookbook organized at your studio?

Our team will help you organize the lookbook photo session in every detail: location, lookbook shoot ideas, accessories, model casting, timing. We provide personal consultation on the organization, give recommendations. To optimize the time spent, you should collaborate with two models.

πŸ“· How soon can the photos be ready?

Approximately in 1 work week, considering all preparation processes.Once the shooting is finished, we make a color correction and send the photos for approval. We take the frames that you like for retouching (if you need some support of a professional when choosing β€” we can organize).

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