Is a creative team, striving for the beauty of form, color, movement and sound. We create advertisements, clips, art films and documentaries, animation and interactive media objects.













Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 What are we doing?

We are a creative team that is always full of energy and creative ideas. We create advertisements, clips, feature films and documentaries, animations and interactive media objects.

🎥 What do we offer?

Our team provides a wide range of services: from professional photo and video shooting to the creation of commercials, clips, films.

📷 Why choose us?

For us there is no concept of «impracticable ideas», we can realize any, suggest how best, and inspire you with our options. We do our work efficiently and on time!

LANET PRODUCTION is a creative team that is always full of energy and creative ideas. For us, there is no concept of “impracticable ideas”, we can implement any suggested idea in the best way and inspire you with your options. We do our work efficiently and on time! Our team provides a wide range of services: from professional photo and video to the creation of commercials, clips, films.

Our specialists have experience in creating documentaries (for example, “Top. Climbing Everest”), music videos (for the artist NIKITA LOMAKIN and the band “Kholostyachki”), animation projects (more than 100 episodes of the animated series “Fixies” and 2 full-length cartoons: "Fixies: The Big Secret" and "Fixies Against Crabots"), as well as experience in shooting commercials (Chef Merezi Lanet) and public events. You can visually get acquainted with our works in the “Portfolio” section.

Our film set and technology

We have our film studio, which is impossible not to fall in love. It is the embodiment of us: as creative as we are and it performs many functions. The set includes 4 locations: a blog location, an interview zone, a creative zone and a photo zone with interchangeable multi-colored backgrounds, which gives us the opportunity to work simultaneously on different projects. You can order shooting in the studio or in another location, as you wish. Our main “tools” are a fantasy that has no boundaries and our own powerful material and technical base with which we create beauty.

There are:

  • professional video cameras (4K, RAW, S-Log, Slow Motion, High fps);
  • a complete set of camera equipment and auxiliary equipment for video filming: a fleet of optics and filters; stabilizers; sliders; playback; drones; microphones; audio recorders; color checkers and other professional accessories for video shooting;
  • a constant studio light to create the perfect lighting with a high CRI value>95. Accessories for video light: diffusers, softboxes (stripboxes, oktoboxes), honeycombs, tubes, reflectors, racks and cranes.

What do we offer?

Photo services:
Reportage photography
Video services:
Storyboard Aerial shooting Motion design Pre-production Post-production Color correction
Audio services:
Audio advertising for radio Sound design Voice-over reading Track mixing and mastering Music creation

Commercials are a must-have for each company: it is the high-quality promotional video that draws attention to your brand or company from the very first seconds. The main thing is to entrust this business to professionals. To create clips or shoot a film we have all the necessary equipment that allows you to shoot a high-quality video regardless of the size of the budget. Professional photo and video filming is the best way to capture cool events, concerts, conferences. You can order video filming in Kiev or in other cities of Ukraine. We focus your attention on the fact that you can order aerial photography from us and receive an amazing photo or video work which you will revise again and again. Subject photography - a must-have for those who do business on the Internet. We know how to attract the attention of buyers and how photo content can make them want to buy something from you. Subject photography helps to show your product from the most favorable points of view to make the potential customers fall in love at first sight with your product. Contact us, our specialists will be happy to help you with this task.

And yet: we treat each project with creative awe and technical professionalism, therefore we guarantee an excellent result, meeting deadlines and positive emotions from communication with us.