We are the video production studio dealing with all kinds of audiovisual content. We love what we do and strive to create videos the hallmark of which is the harmony of creative thought and technical professionalism.

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Our team consists of specialists, and each is responsible for his field of activity and gives a high-quality result. While working on a project these factors multiply each other and as a result the team creates an unsurpassed media product. We write the script, conduct the shooting, do the editing and the final post-processing which is a complete cycle of creating video content.

Also during big projects we work with talented freelancers. These can be actors, make-up artists, 3d modelers, focus-pullers and other specialists.

Про студію

Karlen Melikyan

Producer, VFX

Anton Som

Editor, cameraman

Demi Savon

Editor, cameraman

Dmytro Maslikhin

Sound designer, composer

Stages of production


What we do: fill in the brief, write creative concepts and approve one of them, write the director's screenplay, prescribe the plan of filming.


This is the stage of accumulation of the necessary visual and auditory material based on the director's screenplay. This is directly shooting and dubbing video.


This is the stage of editing and processing of video and audio materials. This stage includes editing, color correction and color grading, sound design, creating graphics and animation and also compositing (combining the footage with computer graphics) and finally rendering the finished video in the required formats.


How much does your work cost?

This is the most frequently asked question to us. We would like to have on it a clear and universal answer. But we do not make the same projects, each video is a unique product consisting of many components (actors and their number, locations, presence and complexity of graphics / animation, sound design and other specific features).

We offer you to determine what type of video you are interested in and assess the budget that you are willing to invest in it. Share this information with us. After that we will write a screenplay that will depends on this budget.

We also provide a transparent cost estimate, so you will know what the project budget will be spent on.