Voice-over reading

The viewer perceives each video not only visually, but also by ear. If at the first сase, it is necessary to focus on a high-quality image, in the second, it is important to take care of professional narration. In the process of the voice-over take part a scriptwriter, a voice actor, and a sound engineer. Together they work on creating a quality audio story.

from 20 $/min

Dry Voice-over
  • professional announcer;
  • recording studio and prof. equipment;
  • 1 minute is ~ 1 A4 page in Arial font and size 18;
  • lack of sound engineering and post-processing of voice;
  • 1 audio file in .Wav format with all takes.

from 80 $/min

Processed Voice-over
  • Professional announcer;
  • Recording studio and prof. equipment;
  • 1 minute is ~ 1 A4 page in Arial font and size 18;
  • Sound engineering: removal of unsuccessful takes, silence; editing takes for scenes, chapters; post-processing of voice to achieve production-level sound.
  • Slicing audio files in .Wav format by takes or chapters.

* Discounts up to -50% for long duration voice-over.

Work examples

Our sound engineer is a β€œstrong”, creative specialist who takes part in the development of the concept for the future video with pleasure, which is why our videos are filled with deep audiovisual synergy.
Mr. Leader
No Breath
Zirkovyy Shl'akh

The voice-over services used in the following industries:

  • television (screensavers, advertising, support of programs, movies, dubbing);
  • radio (broadcasts, advertising);
  • Internet promotion;
  • computer games and mobile applications;
  • public places (shops, cafes, restaurants, subway, railway stations, airports);
  • sounding books.

Voice-over for advertising

You can order a voice-over in the LANET PRODUCTION studio. Our voice actors database combines a large number of voices. We create all types of voice-overs:

  • for advertising and promotional videos;
  • for broadcasting (including radio advertising);
  • podcasting;
  • voice-over reading without musical accompaniment;
  • voice-over reading in telephone greetings;
  • announcer's voice in computer games;
  • reading audiobooks, audio performances, and mobile applications.

Voice-over services are in great demand in all areas. But they are most common in the process of creating advertising, which will later broadcast on radio, television, the Internet, or in public places. LANET PRODUCTION studio offers announcer services in Kyiv and is ready to execute the project of any complexity.

We create informative commercials. In such advertising, a professional announcer reads without using dramatic techniques against the background of the musical soundtrack. You can order a voice-over of such a video, for example, to inform about current promotions or special offers.

Sounding of texts for video content

In the process of sounding the video, the announcer and the director work on it. Let's see, who is the announcer? It's a person who reads informational, artistic, advertising materials into a live microphone or for audio recording. Most of them have acting education, but this is not the main requirement. Much more important is the ability to use your voice and not get lost in front of the microphone.

The announcer for the video almost always has to use artistic and dramatic skills. After voice-over video is accompanied by music. Music in videos conveys mood and idea. It is important to choose music correctly, so we approach this process carefully. We can edit the intermediate version by taking into account the edits and wishes. We always take into account the opinion of our clients and value their trust.

How the text is read by voice

In professional conditions, voice recording takes place in a soundproof room. This room differs from an ordinary one that the walls, ceiling, and floor are sheathed with noise-absorbing materials. Thanks to this, the voice-over is deprived of the additional reverberation that is present in an ordinary room.

For voice-overs records often use portable acoustic screens and sound traps. As practice shows, the cleaner the sound is during recording, the easier it is to process it later.


As with any task that faces us, we approach voice-over with all seriousness. We offer complete solutions for sound and voice-over texts for your projects. For the final result to meet expectations, we discuss all the points before starting work. We are attentive to the wishes regarding the adjustment of the previous version. Feel free to contact LANET PRODUCTION if you need to read the text in Kyiv. Here your order will be fulfilled professionally and promptly.

Advantages of cooperation with LANET PRODUCTION:

  • A creative approach and unique presentation style.
  • High-quality recording on professional studio equipment.
  • Professional post-processing by the sound engineer.
  • Implementation of turnkey projects.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎀 What is text reading?

Text reading is a few takes of reading the text, which is used for behind-the-scenes dubbing of advertisements, promotional videos for the Internet and social networks, TV shows.

πŸŽ™ How much does narrator's reading cost?

The cost of narration depends on the timing, workload and number of speakers.

🎼 Where to order narration services?

If you want to order text reading services, contact LANET PRODUCTION. This is a professional recording studio that will help you to create the highest quality sound.

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