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3D object photo 360

3D object photography is becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs and marketers, it allows the buyer to see the product from all sides.

15 $/per photo

(from 5 photos)
  • 36 or 48 frames (10Β° or 7.5Β° steps)
  • Color correction

30 $/per photo

(from 3 photos)
  • 36 or 48 frames (10Β° or 7.5Β° steps)
  • Color correction
  • Retouch

40 $/per photo

(from 2 photos)
  • 72 frames (5Β° steps). Smoother rotation but more file size.
  • Color correction
  • Retouch

* When ordering a large number of photos, a discount is possible.

Work examples

Subject photography in 360 degrees

What is subject 3D photography? Object 3D-photo or shooting of goods in 360 degrees is a sequence of photos made by means of mechanized rotary subject table that allows to show the object from all sides. To place such photo in the online store you need to use software code generated by specialized software.

The undoubted advantage of this type of shooting is the ability of the consumer to return the subject to carefully consider all the interested angles and details of the subject in real time without going to the offline store. Such opportunity is especially valuable in the period of active promotion of online shopping when the buyer makes a choice without leaving the office or home.

360Β° photo production is an interesting and at the same time very consuming process, which requires not only a proper level of professionalism but the use of high-quality equipment as well.

One of the initial steps is to prepare the table and set up the camera. To get a really impressive result, it is important to use a turntable with the most flexible programming. After programming and adjusting the number of frames, the angle of rotation and setting temporary pauses, the photographer begins to adjust the light and prepare the subject. At this stage it is important to consider even the most seemingly insignificant nuances. Light sources should emphasize the shape of the object, not to create parasitic shades in the shadows and flickers. That is why exposing the appropriate light pattern requires considerable effort and time.

Preparing the subject is not less painstaking process because the product in the frame must have a really flawless appearance without a single speck, any prints and traces. That is why each member of the team is working on the project using gloves, brushes and cloth made exclusively from microfiber.

At the end of shooting begins the process of photo processing, which includes correction and retouching. To ensure that the texture of the surfaces remains uniform and natural when turning the product, experts retouch using video retouching technology. Next is the final stage β€” collecting an interactive element from a sequence of images, which sets the settings for manual scrolling of the model and self-rotation. The final photo with the program code is sent to the customer for placement on the site or in social networks (in the format of a looping video).

Types of subject photography

Who needs 3D photography? Subject shooting 360 will be a great solution for any business which is interested in increasing online sales of their product. The professional work of the photographer will help to emphasize the benefits of various products: from food and clothing to large appliances and cars. For example, 3D shooting of shoes will allow the buyer to choose the optimal shade, see the quality of seams and skin tone, 3D shooting of jewelry will help to consider the glare and delicate work of the jeweler.

3D shooting for online stores

Subject photography 360 will help not only to demonstrate the best qualities of the proposed product but to win the trust of the buyer too, because he will be able to independently consider all the details that interest him and personally see the quality of the product. If you are looking for increasing sales and developing your online store, then 3D subject photography is exactly what you need! Having a photo of the product in 360 degrees on the website of the online store will not only increase the conversion, but also replace the unpacking video (you can put the entire delivery on the turntable) and help to answer many questions from the buyer.

Order subject photography at LANET PRODUCTION

By ordering a shooting 3D photos from the LANET PRODUCTION studio you get a professional approach, high-quality equipment and always an amazing result! Our experts will help you to tell about your product in such a way that the buyer could not resist clicking the β€œBuy in One Click” button.

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