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Interview filming

Interview is a popular and interesting format for the viewer. With the help of an interview, you can tell about an interesting person or event, highlight a current topic, introduce a company, product or service.

1000 $

  • Film crew: director of photography, camera assistant; sound engineer, make-up artist;
  • 1 shift (up to 8 hours);
  • Pavilion or your location;
  • 2 people in the frame;
  • 3 cameras Blackmagic Pocket or Panasonic GH5 level;
  • 2 wireless lavalier mics and an audio recorder;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • Video editing;
  • Color correction;
  • Intro and title animations;
  • Sound design.

1500 $

  • Film crew: director of photography, camera assistants, sound engineer, lighting designer, 2 make-up artists, shooting administrator;
  • 1 shift (up to 8 hours);
  • Pavilion or your location;
  • up to 4 people per frame;
  • up to 5 cameras Blackmagic Pocket or Panasonic GH5 level;
  • up to 4 lavalier radio systems and an audio recorder;
  • Video editing;
  • Color correction;
  • Intro and title animations;
  • Infographics and motion design;
  • Sound design.

Contract price

  • Analysis and calculation of your request;
  • Preparation for shooting (film crew, equipment, location);
  • Shooting with equipment of any level;
  • Video editing;
  • Color correction;
  • Infographics and motion design;
  • Sound design;
  • Photo and video backstage;
  • Additional work based on the task.

Work examples

Communication in the format of questions and answers inspires confidence in the audience and helps to promote the project. Filming interviews seems to be an easy task. But if you want to get professional editing, cinematic picture and high-quality sound, it is better to entrust interview filming to professionals. LANET PRODUCTION video studio offers a full production cycle for your interview. The price depends on the chosen package of services and on the unique requests of the client.

How to make a cool interview

A successful interview means necessary and timely questions and sincere, interesting answers. Thus, creating an engaging conversation mostly depends on the interviewer, who must be sensitive to the situation and ask the right questions at the right time, and the guest, who must be an interesting and charismatic person.

But a professional director of photography will help to make a beautiful picture. He will beautifully line up the frames on each camera, build the perspective, depth of field, size and position of the participants in the frames, make sure that technical characteristics are synchronized on all cameras. It is also important to correctly arrange the light sources so that there is a light-and-shadow pattern, filling and backlighting of the interview participants.

Providing the right sound is just as important as creating a beautiful and harmonious visual range. First you need to check the location for the interview for acoustics and the absence of extraneous noise. After all, noises from air conditioners, printers or any other source can prevent you from recording clear, high-quality sound. And this can have a bad effect on the perception of information by the viewer and constantly distract from the guest's story.

And the last important element of interview filming is the makeup of the guest and the interviewer. The tasks of the make-up artist are quite standard: to remove flaws and excess shine from the face, to even out the skin tone. Also, thanks to the make-up, the guest will look good in the frame and, knowing about it, will feel more confident in front of the camera during filming.

After the completion of the interview, video editing and post-production are carried out — color correction of the video, adding visual elements, graphics, animation, soundtrack.

Competent work of the editing director is very important for the interview format. It will make the video interview easier to understand, highlight accents, make the conversation expressive and add emotion to it.

Summing up, we can say that, at first glance, filming an interview does not seem to be a very difficult task, but if you approach the execution professionally, then it requires a lot of resources and involves a number of specialists.

Recording of interviews in Kyiv

The professional film crew of LANET PRODUCTION is ready to offer their help in filming the interview. Here you can order blogging, informational, promo videos, presentations, reports and other types of interviews. Our team consists of experienced directors, cameramen, sound engineers and motion designers, so you can be sure of the result.

We work all over Ukraine and also we can offer to rent cozy locations of our own video studio in Kyiv. We use professional equipment, shoot in the highest quality, do post-production, work with already filmed material as well.

The price of the service depends on the number of cameras and specialists involved, the location of the video interview, as well as the duration of the video. Contact our studio manager or supervisor to find out how much an interview recording costs specifically for your project.

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