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Video design, animation design

If the static image comes to life and with it comes additional meaning, we can call it motion design. It is a good tool for visually and effectively demonstrating a product or service, as well as for solving many creative tasks.

from 30 $/sec

Only animation
  • Client provides graphic layouts of scenes;
  • Animation for scenes;
  • Visual effects and stylization;
  • Sound design (sounds, music, narration).

from 50 $/sec

Drawing and animation
  • Development of visual style of the project;
  • Sketching and storyboarding;
  • Drawing scenes;
  • Animation for scenes;
  • Visual effects and stylization;
  • Sound design (sounds, music, narration).

Work examples

Motion design (eng. Motion graphics design or animation design) is a symbiosis of graphic design, its principles of composition, shape, color, and animation with timing, spacing, compression, stretching, and others. Animation is an ideal solution for meaningful but at the same time short messages, for complex projects in which otherwise the meaning cannot be revealed or to do it in other ways is very expensive. These are, for example, animated commercials, explainer videos, intros, title animation, packshots, pop-ups, and more.

Animation design is present in many areas. In cinema, it is used in captions and futuristic interfaces. Music videos also often include animations, and sometimes the entire music video is animated. The animation is especially significant for advertising because in a short video you need to convey a capacious plot and create an emotional perception. Motion is more interesting than static images and holds the viewer's attention better, this is why video design is well suited for education. It is much more interesting to watch a training video than to read a manual.

The popularity of motion design began to grow with the development of technology and their availability. And today, motion graphics are one of the fastest-growing areas of content marketing. However, creating high-quality animation is not an easy task that requires theoretical knowledge and practical skills in specialized software (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, Spine, others). To master the art of animation, you need not only to know the basics of graphic and motion design, special techniques, and tools but also have your creative vision and creativity.

LANET PRODUCTION offers 2 options for working on animation projects.If the client already has a graphic design (raster or vector graphics), then our video designer immediately starts animating. This process needs to be worked out every frame. The animation has the following stages:

  • preparing the scene and dividing all the key elements into separate layers;
  • defining the key phases of animation;
  • adjustment of smoothness, speed;
  • adding secondary animations to the scene;
  • compositing – visual effects and stylization;
  • sound design – music and sound effects enhance animation.

If a client does not have graphic materials, then our team develops the visual style of the project, draws a storyboard, draws all the scenes in statics and then moves through the stages described above. The result of the work is a finished animation video.

Motion design actively penetrates into all areas of business, and if you want to keep up with the times, then you cannot do without it. The LANET PRODUCTION team will create an impressive animation video for you. Your brand will definitely not go unnoticed.

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