Object photography

An object photography session is a genre of photography that demonstrates the external characteristics of an object, its design, and functionality. Professional photography of objects will successfully demonstrate them on the website, will become an important part of the advertising campaign and bright visual content for social networks.

from 100 $

For the catalog
  • photography from 1 hour;
  • photographer;
  • professional equipment;
  • photo on a uniform background;
  • from 150 photos with color correction.

Negotiable price

Unique shooting
  • product analysis and shooting idea generation;
  • photographer;
  • video recording for social networks;
  • decorator/food stylist;
  • props;
  • professional equipment;
  • color correction and photo retouching.

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Subject shooting at LANET PRODUCTION

Subject photography is used in many areas because in order to interest the modern online buyer, professional high-quality product images are needed, demonstrating all its features and advantages.

Subject photos of cosmetics, subject photo of clothes, and photography of goods for an online store are in particular demand because aesthetic, detailed images will present your products the best, and creative shooting solutions will attract attention and become effective visual advertising.

The subjective photo has several types:

  1. Subject photo for the catalog.

    Such photos are used for advertising catalogs on various online and offline platforms. The product in the catalog should be shown from different angles, look attractive and realistic. It will allow the buyer to look at the product, make sure of its quality, form an idea about the configuration and material.
  2. Image objects’ photography.

    These are photos that attract buyer’s attention. Unique professional photos taken by a subject photographer not only declare the highest quality of products but also demonstrate a decent level of the company. Used for various advertising campaigns and on Internet platforms.
  3. Food shooting.

    It is a special section of photo subjects, without which it is impossible to imagine advertising food establishments. The main purpose of such pictures is to make the client want to eat or drink what is in the photo, so the quality and overall composition of the photo play an important role. Such photos are used for the website, menus, outdoor advertising, etc.
  4. 360-degree shooting.

    The 360-degree shooting of goods for an online store is especially relevant because in this way a potential buyer can view the subject of the photo from all sides. The price of product photography-360 is quite high because the production process is very time-consuming.

Considering the variety of species, subject photography in Kyiv is suitable for:

  • manufacturers, and brands of cosmetics, shoes, accessories, jewelry and any goods that require a detailed demonstration;
  • food manufacturers and restaurants;
  • online stores;
  • artists and demonstrations of art works.

What is included in subject shooting

Subject photography service includes:

  1. Preparation of tools. At the initial stage of a subject photo shoot, it is important to prepare and set up the camera.
  2. Lighting settings. Lighting sources should advantageously emphasize the shape of the photo subject and not create unnecessary flickering of the photography object.
  3. Preparation of photo subjective. There should be no marks or stains on the objects in photography.
  4. Taking photos of photography objects.
  5. Final retouching and color correction of photographs selected from subject shooting in Kyiv.

Why you should order subject shooting at LANET PRODUCTION

LANET PRODUCTION studio will help you create high-quality object photos of your products, which will certainly attract attention and emphasize the winning sides of subject in photography. We have professional equipment and a team of inspired masters at our disposal, so you can expect a stunning result. And we also have our own pavilion if you need subject photography in Kyiv. It is enough just to contact the studio, and we will familiarize you with all the intricacies of the process and the price of objective photography.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 How to order an object photo session?

To order a professional object photoshoot at LANET PRODUCTION, choose one of the service packages or contact us at ☎ +38 (093) 090-27-82.

πŸŽ₯ Why is object photography necessary?

Object photography is needed to demonstrate the advantages and external characteristics of the object. Very often, object photography is ordered by jewelry companies, online stores, restaurants, bars, and other business areas. High-quality object photos attract the attention of the audience and increase loyalty and trust in the brand.

πŸ“· Where are object photos used?

One of the goals of object photography is to draw the attention of the audience to a particular brand or product, to show its advantages, design, construction, and significant elements. Product photos are an ideal solution for online stores and marketplaces, pages on social networks.

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