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In addition to live filming we practice the creating animated videos. Our studio does not have a full-fledged team of artists and animators, but one of our directors is closely connected with the world of animation and has many short and several full-length animated projects done, including the animated series "The Fixies".

Therefore, if you need an animated video or your video needs some sort of animation - contact us and we will solve even the most voluminous task by assembling a team of our experts and proven freelancers.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 What is motion design?

This is an effective way to convey information to the viewer. It can be either a self-contained video product (promotional videos, advertisements, animated music videos, information clips), or part of a large project (movie and TV screen savers, TV channel identities, titles and dice, stylized animation on top of the footage).

πŸŽ₯ Where to find a motion design studio in Kyiv?

If you are looking for a motion design studio in Kyiv to create a spectacular animated video or video with animation inserts, contact LANET PRODUCTION. We will professionally implement your ideas and solve problems of any complexity and scale.

πŸ“· How much does it cost to create an animation or cartoon?

The cost of creating an animation depends on many factors. The price of motion design depends on the graphic and animation style, animation duration, deadlines and other factors. It is discussed with each client individually.


Motion design is an effective way to convey information to the viewer. It can be either a self-contained video product (promotional videos, advertising, animated music videos, information clips) or part of a large project (movie and TV screen savers, TV channel identities, titles and dice, stylized animation on top of the footage).

Thanks to 2D animation, static graphics come to life, holding the viewer's attention and providing him with an extensive array of information in a short period of time. This is a harmonious combination of image, text and audio into a single whole, the conversion of three components into a balanced complex – an animated movie.

Despite its comparative novelty and β€œyouth”, video design quickly gained popularity in the video production market, continuing to constantly develop in different directions, improve and expand its range of application. Modern software opens up a huge range of possibilities, allowing you to translate the most daring creative ideas into reality, which means to improve the quality of media products, make advertising more selling, and the brand recognizable. To order an animated commercial means to take a significant step in the development and promotion of any company, brand or startup.

To create an animation (truly original, attracting attention and giving aesthetic pleasure to the viewer) you need to have specialized skills, knowledge of the intricacies of specialized software (After Effects, Cinema 4D, Adobe Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop) and the features of motion design. Therefore, when choosing where and how to order animation it is very important to entrust such a matter to professionals in order to get a high-quality product at the output.

There are 3 main advantages of motion graphics:

  1. The ability to catch and hold the viewer's attention. Animation videos are more attractive visually, so most users prefer video rather than static graphics.
  2. The ability to deliver information to the user as quickly as possible. The main β€œpivots” of infographics and advertising are simplicity, comprehensibility and accessibility due to a significant time lim
  3. The ability to organize data and reveal complex concepts. It is in this case that a short animated movie is much more relevant than long texts, because you can fit a large amount of information into it, which is easily absorbed by the viewer.

Motion design in Kiev and throughout the modern world is one of the fastest growing content marketing tools, as it increases the readability of messages. Animation distinguishes advertising from the general flow, spreads ideas in literally seconds, informs the viewer through the most powerful channel of perception – the visual.

2d motion graphics are in demand and popular in a wide variety of areas:

  • film industry – teasers and trailers, screensavers, creation of captions for cinema;
  • television – the design of programs, screensavers, subtitles, captions;
  • entertainment industry – games, streaming resources, entertaining video projects;
  • marketing – promotions, advertising in Internet and on TV;
  • business – infographics for the presentation of products, conferences, websites, presentation videos for business partners, animation of the brand logo;
  • education – creating cartoons for easy and accessible explanation of complex information.
  • art – the creation of media installations for exhibitions, galleries and performances.

A typical animation team includes such specialists:

  • screenwriter – prescribes the visual story and its details;
  • artist/illustrator/graphic designer – invents and draws static scenes;
  • animator/video designer – engages in β€œrevitalizing" static scenes;
  • sound engineer/sound designer – selects (or composes) music, adds sound effects to enhance the effect of immersing the viewer;
  • voice actor – reads off-screen text.

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