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Composer. Music creation

Сomposer is a musician who is the author of the music in any form, including vocal (for a singer or choir), instrumental, electronic and music that combines multiple forms. The composer can create music in any musical genre including, for example, classical music, musicals, blues, folk music, jazz, popular music, experimental music.

20 $/hour

Hourly wage
  • Composer and sound engineer services;
  • Deep pre-production;
  • Any genre and mood of the composition;
  • Recording studio and professional equipment;
  • Wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments;
  • Recording vocalists;
  • Sound effects;
  • Mixing and mastering;
  • Possibility of customer or manufacturer presence;
  • Online monitoring of work;
  • Suitable for any song and piece of music.

Contract price

  • Composer and sound engineer services;
  • Deep pre-production;
  • Any genre and mood of the composition;
  • Recording studio and professional equipment;
  • Wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments;
  • Recording of vocalists and choirs;
  • Sound effects;
  • Mixing and mastering.

Work examples

Our sound engineer is a “strong”, creative specialist who takes part in the development of the concept for the future video with pleasure, which is why our videos are filled with deep audiovisual synergy.
Her Magic (OST)
Step Into The New Millennium
Good Morning Pete
Jungle and a Child
Deep Slick Cave
Folk Fantasy (Main Menu Theme)

Making music is a process that combines a creative and professional process. It includes: composition of a unique melody and arrangement; sound recording of live instruments and recording of electronic parts; post-processing of a music session (mixing, mastering). All these skills, including natural talent, are possessed by the staff of our studio LANET PRODUCTION, which offers custom-made music writing in Kyiv.

Order music creation

How hard is it to write music to order? First appears an idea, according to which the sketches of the future composition are created – the main melody and its additions. Guided by the author's intuition, without frames and restrictions, the composer creates something new, lays the foundation for the future track, striving for naturalness, depth and beauty of sound. At this stage the concept of the work appears.

At the next stage the arrangement takes place which means the design of the main melody with additional ones and making experiments with sound and instruments. A competent arrangement reinforces the main melody and makes the melody sound more harmonious. Next, the track is mixed. This means a competent distribution of instruments in space with the help of special means, the loudness and frequency of all musical instruments are exposed and worked out. The final stage is mastering. This is the final mixing of the track, during which it is listened to in conditions with different acoustics, which are created with the special programs. All these stages are relevant even when writing music for games and creating soundtracks.

All these processes and the specialists involved are directed by a composer – musician, author of music in any form, including vocal (for a singer or chorus), instrumental, electronic and music that combines several forms. The composer can write a song and create custom-made tracks in any musical genre, including classical music, musicals, blues, folk music, jazz, popular and experimental music. Making music for computer games is also not a problem for a real pro.

You can order the services of a composer and sound engineer in our studio LANET PRODUCTION. For you:

  • music to order;
  • recording of vocalists and choirs;
  • sound effects;
  • mixing and mastering.

Creating music for any video materials

An original musical composition may be needed while creating feature and documentary films, the so-called OST – the title track of the film. While working on a computer or mobile game, it is good to have an unforgettable, unique soundtrack that will immerse the player in the game world and help promote your application as well. Original music or jingles (a short song about a brand, a product that is easy to remember) will definitely set your work apart from others and the cost of its creation can be compared to buying a stock composition under license for a wide audience. Writing music in Kyiv offers a lot of composers and studios, so why would you choose us?


We are a team of professional, talented and inspired people who will be happy to help you to shape your idea, give it the right sound, tone and rhythm. We work in our own recording studio with professional equipment and a wide selection of acoustic and electronic instruments, so you can order a track for almost any video.

We offer the following composer and sound engineer services:

  • writing a simple composition with one instrument;
  • composition in two parts (for example, vocal part + accompanying instrument);
  • set: rhythm section, bass part, accompanying instrument and solo part (voice or solo instrument);
  • multi-instrumental composition up to seven parts;
  • multi-instrumental composition over seven parts.

LANET PRODUCTION services include the ability to write a completely unique audio material at the request of the customer. We have an individual and meticulous approach to each project, so the work requires a large margin of time and money, careful preparation and deep pre-production with the customer.

We work with any genre and mood of the composition and will help you to decorate any video. The client or producer who left the order for the production of music can not only participate in the pre-production but also can be present during the recording or observe the process of writing and recording music through online monitoring.

Call us to find out the details of collaboration and order music for your project!

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎼 Where are quality tracks to order made?

If you are looking for a professional audio studio, pay attention to LANET PRODUCTION. The studio will fulfill the order both efficiently and on time.

🎤 What does the track ordering service include?

The service of ordering a track includes writing poems, music (melody, motive), arrangement, sound recording, compilation and mastering.

🎙 How much does it cost to write music to order?

The cost of writing music to order depends on the complexity, style, composition of instruments, timing and other conditions that affect the amount of work.

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