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If the customer has the screenplay and needs a professional film crew, then we are glad to help him with this.

Our cameramen have a creative taste and extensive experience in working with various video equipment. We have our own video and lighting equipment as well as all the necessary accessories for the professional shooting. We can work with leased equipment.

If necessary we involve colleagues from related areas: actors, make-up artists, decorators, choreographers and other professionals.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 How much does video recording cost in LANET PRODUCTION?

To calculate the exact cost of video recording, fill in a brief on the video studio's website.

🎥 Where to order video shooting in Kyiv?

If you are looking for a video studio, contact LANET PRODUCTION. We have all the necessary operator and auxiliary equipment for full shooting.

⭐ How are videos shot?

Shooting videos combines the involvement of a professional film crew and film equipment.


After writing the script based on the conceptual ideas of the client the film crew proceeds to production. This is the second stage in the production of commercials or clips, the process of direct shooting which requires a creative approach involving a professional film crew and film equipment.

At this stage the film crew is selected which is formed by the project producer depending on the available budget and video storyboard. To implement the production process (Kiev) and shoot original stories, if it's necessary we involve make-up artists, choreographers, decorators, actors and other professionals from related fields of activity. After that locations for shooting are prepared according to the storyboard in the order of a certain queue, scenes are shot and at the request of the client we shoot backstages.

LANET PRODUCTION specialists have an aesthetic taste and have rich experience working with specialized equipment. We have all the necessary camera and auxiliary equipment for the full shooting of the film and we also work with rented equipment.

Shooting involves the cohesive work of a group of different professionals that are able to creatively create commercials. LANET PRODUCTION team is a small creative team with an extensive range of skills:

  • director;
  • gafer;
  • video designer;
  • composer;
  • videographer;
  • editing director;
  • focus puller;
  • drone pilot for aerial shooting;
  • sound engineer.

The skills of our specialists combined with a powerful material and technical base open up great opportunities for video production in Kiev and Ukraine, creating various types of advertising that can attract attention from the first seconds and promote a brand or company.

We have a cozy place for comfortable work and the implementation of the video production process in Kiev in which we created our own small film pavilion. Our studio has a zoned film set divided into 4 unique locations with a specific artistic theme:

  • photo zone with interchangeable multi-colored backgrounds;
  • location for video blogging;
  • decorated area for interviews with 2-3 people in the frame;
  • creative zone for dance, music and acting performances.

It all allows you to capture part of the photo and video material in place, necessary for creating clips, which is very convenient because it makes it possible to immediately begin the editing process and other necessary manipulations.

An important component of video shooting and, consequently, a high-quality media product at the output is a playback hanks to which you can evaluate the skill of the director, cameraman and other specialists of the film crew. It makes it possible to quickly view the captured episodes directly on the set, select successful doubles, follow the timing and carry out preliminary editing. Playback helps to significantly save time for subsequent editing and allows you to coordinate contentious issues with the customer even during the shooting itself.

Production is a very entertaining, painstaking and time-consuming process, the work that we love, we do with pleasure and inspiration to implement any creative ideas and provide a wide range of professional services.

Our satisfied customers