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The full cycle of video production implies that our team carries out all stages of film / video production:

  • Pre-production during which we write a detailed screenplay that will be the basis for all further production.
  • Production, the entire filming process, the accumulation of all necessary video and audio material.
  • Post-production: editing and processing of the original video and audio, the final stage of which is the rendering of the film / video.

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 What is pre-production?

Preparatory, the stage of collecting information, forming ideas for the video.

🎥 What is Production?

An important stage, the essence of which is the accumulation of video and audio material.

📷 What is post-production?

Basically, this is editing and video processing after shooting.

Full cycle of video production

Video production is a complex and multifaceted process of creating a multimedia product. And to make it thorough, it is necessary not only to be patient, but also to work hard. In addition, both music video and video ad production require professional skills. And it's not just about equipment or special programs. You need to have talent, a non-standard vision of the process and experience in creating quality content. These are the qualities that the LANET PRODUCTION team has. This is a modern production studio, which is ready to implement advertising, clips, films, animations of any complexity.

LANET PRODUCTION is a full-cycle video production studio. Our team includes directors who are ready to write a script, creative videographers who shoot your video, and post-production specialists (editing, color correction, video effects) and sound professionals (composer, sound engineer, sound actors).

Full-cycle video production includes three stages:

  1. Pre-production;
  2. Production
  3. Post-production.

The first stage – pre-production – preparatory, the stage of collecting information, generating ideas for the video. It is necessary to analyze the product, subject, viewer. Based on this, several conceptual ideas are formed that will serve as the basis for the director's script. In addition, locations, details are searched for, actors are selected. You can order only a script and choose any artist or simplify your task and trust the best video production studio in Kiev – LANET PRODUCTION.

Production or directly shooting is an important stage, the essence of which is the accumulation of video and audio material. Although he goes through the finished script, it still requires a creative touch from the operator and his professionalism. Video production studio LANET PRODUCTION has its own lighting and video equipment. Why do we responsibly declare that you can order a video of any complexity? Because we can also work with rented equipment, invited actors and other specialists. There is a shooting pavilion. But if, for example, creating music videos requires other locations, we will take care of selecting the most suitable locations for implementing the current idea.

The final stage – post-production – is the installation and processing of video. Its importance is to convert the hours of the footage into a few-minute image video, music video or documentary to establish the correct timing of the video. In most cases, color correction is also performed, visual effects are superimposed.

Why is it worth ordering an advertising video from us?

  • Our video studio is a talented team of professionals.
  • Our arsenal has the necessary equipment for filming.
  • We carry out a full cycle of video production.
  • Own photo and video studio for filming.
  • Experience in shooting videos of various subjects.
  • Transparent pricing. An estimate is made to understand how the budget is spent.

Our studio is a creative video production studio in Kiev, the boundless imagination of which is supported by a strong technical base, which creates the best video product.

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