Audio Post-Production Services, Music and Sound Design for Films, Games and Videos in Kyiv, Ukraine


We have a distinct advantage - our own recording studio.

We have a distinct advantage - our own recording studio. We provide a full range of audio production services: recording of voice actors, musical instruments and specific sounds which are often necessary during work on feature films;mixing and mastering of any complexity; creating unique musical compositions; the imposition of the creative sound design on top of the edited video.

Our soundman is highly skilled creative specialist that with great relish participates in the formation of the concept for the future video, so our videos are filled with deep audiovisual synergy.

LANET PRODUCTION – Sound & Audio Post-Production Studio in Kiev with a full cycle of audio production for filmmaking. Our arsenal has all the necessary recording technology, with which you can solve any task, create the highest quality sound. And also talented sound engineers, sound designers, composers, sound effects editors and Foley artists.

Recording studio LANET PRODUCTION provides such Audio Services:

  • music composing, creating soundtracks (OST, film score) and background tracks for films, video games and commercials
  • dubbing, revoicing, voice acting, dialogue editing, making voice-overs for any type of video or media content
  • making sound effects with Foley artists, sound editing and mixing all audio tracks (music, voices, sound FX) together in harmony
  • mastering, which means getting maximum sound quality and adaptation it for playback on the widest possible range of systems

Making music for the movie includes the composer's original music and arrangement. This is not only music for trailers which, by the way, differs from ordinary instrumental compositions in that it conveys the genre of the film, its mood, but also the recording of specific sounds.

If you are looking for an audio studio in which you want to produce voice acting and dubbing, then we will also easily perform this task. The voice acting of films, video games, cartoons is an interesting and the time-consuming process. Recording studio LANET PRODUCTION will complete the task as efficiently as possible. Our dubbing studio in Kiev provides voice acting in Russian and Ukrainian in accordance with the original sound.

LANET PRODUCTION is an audio studio with a full cycle of audio production. Sound recording and dubbing of a video consists of the steps:

  1. Pre-production – the preparatory stage of the recording. At this stage, it is necessary to decide what the main task and requirements are, what budget, whether there is source material or work on the project starts “from scratch”. Will there be a need for voice actors, musicians.
  2. Production is the main stage of audio production. Actually, the recording process. Under the control of our sound engineer, the process of recording an audio track is carried out in accordance with the previously agreed concept. After long hours of recording, a large number of takes can be recruited, from which the sound engineer selects the best for the final soundtrack.
  3. Post-production is the final stage. At this stage, mixing, sound design and mastering of any complexity is performed.All recorded audio tracks must be combined into a single track, add creative sound engineering and modify the finished audio file to a single sound standard.

As you can see, audio production is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. And if you want to make a sound recording in Kiev, contact only professionals.

Our production studio is a place where talented composers, artists, sound designer and engineers are gathered under one roof and ready to cope with any task.