Recently aerial shooting from a very expensive service that was available only to large companies has become very affordable. It is due to the emergence of drones that are driven by experienced pilots.

We have both drones and the professional pilot so we will gladly shoot for you fascinating footage from a bird's eye view!

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Frequently Answered Questions

🎬 When is aerial photography necessary?

Aerial photography is needed in cases where you need to make cool shots from a height. It is also required in commercials in which you need to show beautiful landscapes from a bird`s eye view.

🎥 What are the benefits of aerial photography?

With the help of aerial photography from a quadrocopter or a drone, it is really possible to take incredible photographs and vivid shots from the air, which during normal shooting can not be done.

📷 Why choose us?

For us there is no concept of «impracticable ideas», we can realize any, suggest how best, and inspire you with our options. We do our work efficiently and on time!

Aerial photography in Kiev and Ukraine: order aerial photography from a quadcopter at the best price

Every year aerial video and aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular. And all because the video from the quadcopter always turn out spectacular and fascinating and aerial photography allows you to make amazing photos from unusual angles which are sure to be the subject of admiration of others.

If you want to become one of the owners of a gorgeous photo/video product, contact our specialists, who will create for you unique photos or an impressive video taken from a height. There are no insurmountable obstacles for us, we do our work qualitatively, putting a part of our souls in it. To cope with any task and create a brilliant creative product we use modern equipment such as: quadcopters DJI: Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, depending on your budget - Quadcopter Phantom and hydrocopter.

Who and why should order a photo and video from a quadcopter?

  • Businessmen and companies need this to attract customers

The key to business success is catchy advertising. Now there is such an abundance of advertising that customers simply do not pay attention to it. So that the business product does not get lost in the flow of advertising, you need to show your creativity in every possible way, not to be afraid to experiment and keep up with the times. In this case, using a quadcopter is ideal. First of all, it gives you wide open space for imagination. Secondly, it is a win-win option to show your object or product from advantageous angles. And thirdly, the commercial made with the help of a quadcopter will impress potential customers from the very first seconds. By the way, if you run the business page of your company on Facebook, it is worth considering the fact that it is video advertising that is most effective for promotion.

Also, it is worth ordering aero video filming and to create a promotional video for your company. In this way, you will adequately present the advantages of the company, among which are your originality and adherence to current trends.

  • Creative personalities - to shoot a video or movie.
  • Musicians who is looking for non-standard visual solutions for your video.
  • Film directors who need application plans for locations, impressive landscape or city shots.
  • Organizers - to cover cultural events.

It will not be difficult for us with the help of aerial photography to show the mass character of various events: concerts, sports competitions, flash mobs, festivals and everything else.

Have a brilliant idea you want to embody? Contact us: our young and creative team implements any idea and will help to generate others.

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