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Reportage Photography

Reportage photography is a separate type of photoshoot in which the photographer focuses on the event, which takes off. At the same time, he conveys the whole atmosphere and dynamics of what is happening around.

100 $

  • up to 2 hours of shooting;
  • from 100 selected photos in color correction.

150 $

  • up to 4 hours of shooting;
  • from 200 selected photos in color correction;
  • retouch 10 photos chosen by the client;
  • retouching price of the next photo β€” 200 UAH / pc.

300 $

  • up to 8 hours of shooting;
  • from 300 selected photos in color correction;
  • 20 photos in color correction you get the next day;
  • retouch 30 photos chosen by the client;
  • retouching price of the next photo β€” 200 UAH / pc.

Work examples


Who is a reporting photographer? It's the person who becomes the eyes of the event. He has to see and photograph the most important moments. The photographer tries to interpose as little as possible in what is happening and catch the moments as they are. It doesn't mean that he doesn't make staged photos at all. Photographer minimizes their number and makes them so that they organically fit into the surrounding atmosphere.

Reportage shooting in Kyiv is especially in demand at different trainings and forums, conferences, presentations, seminars, parties, openings of establishments, entertainment festivals and concerts. For example, when ordering a photographer for a conference, it is important to get photos of the main performances, presentations, and communication of guests. Each type of reportage shooting has its features. For example, the opening of a restaurant is significantly different from sporting events, and a business meeting is different from a concert. But in each case, the customer expects to receive photos that reflect the mood and dynamics of the event. Such skills are the true professionalism of a reportage photographer.

Reportage shooting in LANET PRODUCTION

If you want to order the service of reportage photography of events β€” conferences, business meetings, concerts, fashion shows β€” contact the professionals of LANET PRODUCTION studio. The availability of the necessary equipment for reportage photography and the professionalism of the photographer will ensure a high-quality result and compliance with deadlines. Our arsenal includes on-camera flashes, a fast zoom lens, a full-frame professional camera and all the necessary accessories.

The main rule in our work is to discuss the script of the event and all the necessary details before it starts.

When ordering the service, we discuss the date and all the details of the shooting. We will listen to your wishes and take them into account. In 5 working days, you will get photos in color correction, among which you will choose photos for retouching. Retouched photos you will receive within 3 days. For immediate publication on social networks, we are ready to issue some photos with color correction the very next day.

Advantages of reportage shooting in LANET PRODUCTION

  • We make high-quality photos. Events are always dynamic β€” changing aspects, lighting, distance. Even in such cases, the photographer must maintain the quality of the photo. That’s why he regularly changes settings β€” it helps him to adapt to any situation.
  • We know how to find the right angle. Modern reportage photography is the art of conveying not only one static scene, but also shooting everything that happens in a volume. That is why the photographer is continually moving and looking for successful angles.
  • We will reflect your emotions. This is a difficult job because there is no way to ask a person to smile at the shutter clicks moment. Sometimes a photographer can shoot one group of people for 15 minutes to catch successful facial expressions. But the success of high-quality reportage filming of holidays depends on it.
  • We have all the necessary equipment to make high-quality shooting in any situation. It doesn’t matter where we shoot β€” on the street on a sunny day; indoors, without natural light; in the dark β€” this will not affect the quality of the photo.

The cost of reportage photography depends on how long it will last and how many photos you want to get as a result of the shooting. With our professional photographer, the reporting of the event in Kyiv will be held at the highest level and will preserve your memories in the form of excellent pictures.

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Frequently Answered Questions

πŸŽ™ What is reportage photography (photo report)?

Reportage photography is a type of photoshoot when the photographer focuses on the event he is shooting while conveying the whole atmosphere and dynamics of what is happening around him.

🎼 How much does it cost to photograph an event in Kyiv?

The cost of photographing an event from LANET PRODUCTION starts from UAH 2500. The studio offers several service packages, among which everyone can find the most suitable option, based on the duration and scale of the planned event.

πŸ“· Why do you need reportage photos?

Reportage photos taken by a professional photographer will not only remind you of the most important moments at the event. It will also preserve the brightest emotions, mood, and atmosphere that prevailed during the event for many years to come.

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