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Today video content has become a complete way of delivering information. With it, you can advertise goods and services, talk about important events or entertain. But not a single video is complete without a good and high-quality plot. To catch the viewer, the authors need to give the ideas a form that will arouse interest among the audience. We want to help you figure out how to come up with a cool plot.

What is a plot?

What is a plot in general terms? This is a series of events or a sequence of scenes in a work of art, built according to certain rules. The plot is the basis of any creative work. That is, this is a kind of basic scheme, which includes a sequence of actions, events and relationships between characters. The structure of the classic plot consists of three main elements, and also, sometimes, it may additionally include a prologue, epilogue and other artistic elements. Structural elements of the plot can be filed in different chronological order, and the number of plot lines can be more than one.

In most cases, the plot can be divided into three acts or parts:

  • An exposition in which acquaintance with heroes, goals, motivations takes place.
  • The conflict in which most events and actions take place.
  • The denouement is the final part of the work with a logical conclusion, solving problems, summing up. And also a call of emotions, which were the purpose of the work.

How to make the plot interesting?

How do you come up with an idea for a story that will surely appeal to your audience? To completely grab attention? To do this, you need to know the basic principles and rules of a good story.

  • Generate ideas. Record all thoughts that arise or even individual expressions and words. Watch a video with a similar style. Get inspired by other people's work. And for this, decide in which genre your future video will be.
  • Build connections between concepts and ideas. Try to combine them into a single plot. To do this, use graphs, charts, and diagrams.
  • Do not tackle everything at once, structure your work process. Proceed sequentially. Make a plot writing plan.
  • Do not forget to ask yourself questions, and if you work as a team then to each other. For example: what may be of interest to your work, what the audience will like, what is missing.
  • If you are supposed to have characters, write down their characters, demeanor, relationships with each other.
  • Choose your plot type. It will be linear or not, what will be the chronological sequence of events and actions.
  • Describe the scene. If this is a video, will it be a shooting with the scenery, or a recording in the studio. In any case, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail.
  • Do not forget about the logic and cause and effect relationships.
  • Do not be afraid to add colors. Show all your imagination and creativity. Creativity is what makes the story interesting.
  • Remember that you should not steal other people's stories! Yes, you can borrow ideas and concepts, but do not copy.
  • Do not forget that the plot is only a direction, so you should not always rely on it completely. There is always room for improvisation, especially at the pre-production stage, when filming has not yet begun.
  • And most importantly, remember that you should also enjoy the process of creating the plot and the result!

How to come up with a cool storyline for a video?

The main secret of a good video is that every second the viewer should be wondering what is happening on the screen. A good plot is very important for this. It should interest the viewer from the first minutes. To do this, first of all, you need to decide on the idea, purpose and audience. Then boldly proceed to create the plot itself. Start with an introduction. It is imperative to come up with an intriguing introduction and eyeliner for a future video. The main part will depend on the video format. But in any case, it will be good to make a storyboard - to prescribe the order of key scenes on the timeline. Be sure to think over the key points that you want to draw in the storyboard and decide how detailed it will be. You can even sketch out the basic ideas for the video and simple sketches of future scenes. In the final part, summarize a short summary, you can describe the benefits of your video, ask a question to the audience, or make an announcement of the next video. Do not forget that the script may have differences depending on the purpose and type of video. To shoot a YouTube video, you must definitely study the trends and target audience — this will help to attract as many viewers as possible. The plot of the commercial is an example when the hero should personify the target audience. If this is a blog, then there is no strict framework for the format. Shoot as convenient for you and the operator. The plot for a social video must necessarily have a promise and a specific socially significant goalThe plot for a funny video or viral video should be unexpected in order to cause the viewer emotions and laughter.

When writing a script for a video, be sure to remember the timing. If the video is too long, there is a chance that they will not be watched until the end. Also, the length of the roller is often determined by its type. For example, the plot for the vine should not be longer than 30 seconds, and the plot of the social video can last 15 minutes and even much longer. Do not forget that the text on the video will be perceived by ear, so write in the script only simple words that are easy to read and perceive by ear. Avoid complex text constructs.


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